Calcium Fluoride Cell

The CaF2 cell for IR/UV-CD spectroscopy is a unique, easy to use accessory for water based experiments that is universally compatible with all FT-IR Spectrometers.

Size: 5mm thickness x 50mm diameter

Custom pathlengths are available


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BioCells Set (Top & Bottom Windows only)

The CaF2 cell for IR/UV-CD spectroscopy is created between two perfectly flat, optically clear plates, the center of which is deepened to form a recessed parallel surface surrounded by a groove. The groove serves as a barrier between the sample area and the outer seal, keeping the sample from coming into contact with the outer seal. The seal is created by the “upper” flat plate pressing onto the outer ring of the “lower” plate. The cells are very easily assembled and disassembled, filled with solution, and rinsed between measurements. The seal of the cell prevents the evaporation of water for about 24 h at room temperature. The reproducibility of the cell path length after assembly / disassembly is 0.1 μm



~5-10, ~20, ~40, ~80 and ~120 μm, custom pathlengths also available


BioCell: Top Window Only


~5-10, ~20, ~40, ~80 and ~120 μm, custom pathlengths also available


BioCell: Bottom Window Only


~5-10, ~20, ~40, ~80 and ~120 μm, custom pathlengths also available

BioJack-T™ with AccuTune

BioCell holder jacket with flow adapters for temperature controlled studies. AccuTune provides precision tightening and prevents overtightening of holder.


Pelltier based temperature controller

TempCon-2X™ temperature controller unit is designed for use in FT-IR spec­trometers with two types of windows: large circular BioCell™ windows and hexagonal windows. The controller can be controlled either manually or through computer interface.



  • Typical temperature range:   – 4 °C to 90 °C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5 °C
  • Variable temperature ramp programmable
  • Soak time programmable
  • Accepts both BioCell™ (CaF2) and hexagonal type windows (typically used for ChiralIR)
  • Custom made holders can be ordered for non-typical window designs
  • Custom models available (for lower temperature)!

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Rotating stage for elimination of cell artifacts

Applications Include:


  • Biologics (Proteins, Peptides, DNA)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Forensics
  • Detection of explosives

The µ-RIM slide is a stainless steel substrate for Raman and Reflectance IR Spectroscopy. The highly reflective surface has no detectable Raman or IR background signal. This substrate is ideal for measuring small quantities of material, especially from dilute solutions in polar solvents (such as water).
When applied to the substrate, the sample will bead up and dry with a smaller diameter than when applied to an untreated surface. Universally compatible with all µ-Raman spectrometers!


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