Application Notes on Explosive Detection

Fastest-In-Class Explosive Detection Using RamTest™ Raman Identifier

Data from Global Terrorism Database shows that number of terrorist attacks utilizing explosive devices has dramatically increased within last decade. Numerous analytical methods, including portable Raman, have been developed to enable detection of explosives, their precursors and / or breakdown products at the field. In this application note, it is directly demonstrated that RamTest-CSI Handheld Raman Identifier enables fastest-in-class ID of explosive materials (among handhelds), identification and quantitation of individual components in mixtures, as well as ability to analyze compounds previously considered impossible or hard-to-detect using handheld Raman (examples: ammonia, ammonium nitrate, RDX, biologics). Other CSI applications include but not limited to counterfeit testing (medicine, food, beverages or alcohol products), analysis of biological stains, etc.