Hot papers in VCD & ROA Winter 2022

January 5, 2022
Probing the non-bonding interaction of small molecules with graphene oxide using DFT based vibrational circular dichroism By Omor Faruk Patwary, Muhammad; Mahbubur Rahman, M.; Khalid Bin Islam, Md; Ackas Ali, Md; Halim, Mohammad A.; Ahmed, Farid From Computational & Theoretical Chemistry (2022), 1207, 113503. Language: English, Database: CAPLUS DOI:10.1016/j.comptc.2021.113503 CLICK HERE Theoretical Prediction of Structures, […]

Happy Holidays from BioTools

December 31, 2021
Dear customers, collaborators, partners & friends,   All of you are at the top of our gratitude list this season! We are truly humbled and honored to be part of your research and product development and we continue to be inspired by you.   Our team has worked hard to support the pharmaceutical industry and […]

New Partnerships; New Papers, Conferences and so much more…. End of Summer Newsletter

August 19, 2021
New Partnerships; New Papers, Conferences and so much more…. End of Summer Newsletter

Prof Laurence Nafie will present a Lecture dedicated to Prof. Isao Noda

February 24, 2021
Prof Laurence Nafie will present a Lecture dedicated to Prof. Isao Noda on his receipt of the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award. We congratulate Prof. Noda, a long time friend and collaborator, on this Distinguished Award! Wed, March 10th | 9:15 – 9:50 AMOrigins and Information Content ofVibrational Optical Activity Spectraclick here for more info Virtual ConnectionsThat Matter!March […]

Congratulations to Med Chem Conference Award winners; new research and upcoming conferences

February 23, 2021
Congratulations to Med Chem Conference Award winners; new research and upcoming conferences

“Fall in love” with a brand new product!

November 30, 2020
PROTEIN STRUCTURE: ONE SOFTWARE FOR ALL SPECTROSCOPIC TECHNIQUES Introducing ProtaCal™ ProtaCal™ offers, for the first time, a unified approach to structure characterization of proteins! This new software allows scientists to determine structure from several spectroscopic techniques: FT-IR, RAMAN / ROA, CD (Circular Dichroism). Same databases. Same algorithm. By using the same algorithm and databases containing […]

Say Hello to Autumn with a New Product!

October 30, 2020
New Partnerships; New Papers, Conferences and so much more…. End of Summer Newsletter

Congrats to the winner of our summer giveaway!

September 1, 2020
In August, we held a giveaway in celebration of Professor Larry Nafie’s birthday. Congratulations to Dr. Darrell McCaslin of the University of Wisconsin, who won a signed copied of Larry’s book “Vibrational Optical Activity: Principles and Applications”

Recent papers in VOA

June 26, 2020
Featuring a review by Prof. Nafie based on his 2019 Chirality Medal Award address. ‌   Vibrational optical activity: From discovery and development to future challenges By Nafie Laurence A From Chirality (2020), 32(5), 667-692, Language: English, Database: MEDLINE CLICK HERE Up-to-date in 2020, there were over 50 papers published with VCD (Vibrational Circular Dichroism) […]

Items back in stock!

June 26, 2020
BioCell™ Short-pathlength cell for FT-IR and VCD/CD. Universally compatible with every FT-IR spectrometer. (available in July) BioJack-T™ w/ AccuTune™ BioCell holder jacket with flow adapters for temperature controlled studies. AccuTune provides precision tightening. (available now) TempCon-2X™ Pelltier based temperature controller Designed for use in FT-IR spec­trometers with large circular BioCell™ windows. The controller can be […]

Summer Update 2020

June 25, 2020
Summer Update 2020

ChiralIR software now supports Windows 10

November 22, 2019
It is with great pleasure that we announce the upgrade of the ChiralIR software to Windows 10 that so many of you have been asking for. In addition to the upgrade in operating system, the new software also includes some other minor upgrades. To purchase an upgrade, please click here for the store. For academic institutions, please use coupon ACADEMIA15 […]


July 9, 2019
If you are part of the education community we encourage you to start teaching VCD to students. Help the next generation of scientists by giving the edge they need with new, innovative technology. Learn More About Teaching VCD


July 9, 2019
Join us in congratulating Professor Laurence Nafie, recipient of the Chirality Medal Winner 2019! On behalf of Vibrational Optical Activity users around the world, students, collaborators and employees of BioTools, we thank Professor Nafie for the pioneering and continued work on VCD & ROA. He is an inspiration for everything we do.Prof Nafie will accept this award at […]

BioTools introduces new tool for extracting energies from Gaussian log files.

July 8, 2019
The software tool automatically extracts energies from Guassian log files into an Excel spreadsheet.

Join BioTools and BrightSpec as the two companies introduce an integrated approach for comprehensive characterization of chiral molecules

February 14, 2018
Diastereomer Analysis: ID & Quant without separation Absolute Configuration without crystallization Enantiomeric Purity (%EE) without separation Conformer Analysis Continuous Chiral Process Monitoring Chiral and Achiral Impurities                                                         Stop by the […]

HOT papers in VOA

January 29, 2018
Papers on VCD & ROA published in 2017! Anal Sci. 2017;33(1):79-82. doi: 10.2116/analsci.33.79. Structural Discrimination between Aβ(1-40) and Aβ(1-42) Peptides in Films with Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy. Morisaku T, Yui H. Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2017 Jan 18;19(3):2078-2086. doi: 10.1039/c6cp07828a. Raman optical activity of tetra-alanine in the poly(l-proline) II type peptide conformation. Furuta M, Fujisawa […]

BioTools was invited to present at Florida Venture Forum, bringing together Florida’s entrepreneurial community

June 28, 2017
The Florida Venture Forum is a statewide member based organization that helps entrepreneurs obtain funding through education, strategic partnering, and effective networking. The Forum hosts the annual Florida Venture Capital Conference™ that has been instrumental in helping Florida based entrepreneurs achieve almost $3 Billion in funding to date. Additionally, the Forum hosts the Florida Early […]

BioTools is Pleased to Announce the Launch of MANTIS™ VCD Accessory @ ICAVS-9!

June 9, 2017
LOOK AT MOLECULES WITH A NEW TWIST OF LIGHT! Upgrade your existing FT-IR!Available for Thermo FT-IR model is50 and other models Download MANTIS flyer View  VCD video below: Read about VCD in USP: Vibrational circular dichroism (VCD), an important analytical method for determining the absolute configuration (AC) and purity of chiral molecules, has been published as a new […]

Congratulations to BioTools’ Customer on Receiving the Gerald Blunden Award

June 7, 2017
Join us as we congratulate BioTools customer, Professor Pedro Joseph-Nathan,  on receiving the 2016 Gerald Blunden Award, sponsored by the journal Natural Product Communications. Prof. Joseph-Nathan won the award with his review article “Vibrational Circular Dichrosim: Recent Advances for the Assignment of the Absolute Configuration of Natural Products” Natural Products Communications, 10 (10) 1785-1095 (2015), which is co-authored […]

Upcoming Conferences

May 28, 2017
Pittcon “The world’s leading annual conference andexposition on laboratory science” March 5 – 9, Chicago, IL BioTools Booth #1513 ACS National Meeting “Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems and Processes” April 2 – 6, San Francisco, CA

Melody Sze, Intern at BioTools, wins first place at the Palm Beach Regional Science and Engineering Fair

May 12, 2017
BioTools is proud to congratulate Melody Sze on winning first place in the Palm Beach Regional Science and Engineering Fair for Excellence in Chemistry Research. Melody, a student at Suncoast High School, completed her summer internship at BioTools and continued her research with a project using the latest BioTools technology on the handheld Raman at […]

BioTools Receives Analytical Scientist Innovation Award for RamTest

May 12, 2017
The RamTest, 532nm handheld Raman, was selected as a recipient of the distinguished The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award for 2016. The award highlights and celebrates the best analytical advances of the year and takes a look at how they will impact the scientific community. Read the article here RamTest White Papers RamTest White Papers Published […]

“Research Shows Us How Laser Lights Can Improve Forensic Science” (a published article)

May 12, 2017
A collaboration with Dr. Igor Lednev, professor of chemistry and Director of the Lednev Research Laboratory on BioTools’ portable Raman.Contrary to TV shows like CSI, most crime scenes are not investigated by a well-trained team of professionals armed with the latest technology. In fact, the state of forensic science was so appalling in 2009 that […]

New USP Chapters <782> & <1782> On Vibrational Circular Dichroism Became Official December 2016

December 12, 2016
On June 1, 2016 USP released a second supplement to USP 39-NF 34 that became official on December 1, 2016. The supplement contains two chapters <782> and <1782> on Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD). The chapter <782> spells out in detail various aspects of VCD usage such as qualification of VCD spectrometers, sample measurements, validation and […]